we are rainup, providing you with a selection of products and systems for capturing, storing, and reusing rainwater.

We see rainwater in the urban area as a building block, not a problem. By collecting it where it falls and using it when needed, we create a healthy, climate-resilient living environment. We invite you to think differently about rainwater!

water management & innovation, from the experience and vision of our founder

Rozanne van Vliet, founder of Rainup, is determined to spread the word about the importance of (rain) water management and inspire people worldwide. From water-storing sports fields at Real Madrid to blue-green roofs in Amsterdam, her international experience and network in the water management industry enables us to develop these for people's homes. We believe that every drop of water counts, whether you store and reuse it under a stadium field, at a train station or under your own dream garden.

positive impact
with the goodd company

Rainup is part of the goodd company, a company focused on developing high-quality solutions and products that enhance our quality of life. Together with an international network of renowned partners, we explore diverse markets and bring together techniques, materials and design. This is how the goodd company creates products for societal challenges, such as our changing climate.

making a difference, one drop at a time

We believe in giving back to the community and being environmentally conscious. That is why we donate 2% of our sales to a project that helps spread awareness and knowledge about the importance of rainwater. By introducing children to the possibilities and beauty of rainwater through play, we are working towards a resilient future. Join our mission and make a difference, one drop of rainwater at a time.

without our partners, we couldn't do it.

Technology partner water management
The Permavoid range of products and systems are capable of creating circular, nature-based solutions for sustainable water management in metropolitan areas. Solutions include urban trees, Blue-Green roofs, podium decks, gardens, sports pitches and SuDS aiming at water sensitive design.
BlueLay technology for cooling artificial turf
DutchBlue is international specialist in optimizing water management within urban areas. With intelligent products and systems based on nature functionality, DutchBlue works worldwide to make cities and sports facilities future
Water management technology partner in the Benelux
New urban standard
In the city, water can be collected anywhere: on blue-green roofs, under cooling sports fields, for healthy urban trees or at green infra. For every challenge with water, New Urban standard has a solution.
Brand and digital creation
We connect branding & digital, precisely because these are disciplines that can strengthen each other enormously. Two disciplines that are creeping closer together, two worlds that cannot exist without each other. This requires an open & creative mindset, an interplay between the left and right brain. Here we always move on the interface between functionality & experience: that is where dynamics between brand & people arise, that is where a brand touches hearts.
Content creation
Drop of lemon
'Drop of Lemon' is a design-driven video production company. We are a diverse collective of videographers, artists, and designers, and we truly believe in delivering high value productions. We take our work very seriously, but not ourselves. This attitude is reflected in each of our projects, where we strive to create a fun environment that is tuned for excellence. Everything from scripting, filming, set design, to motion graphics - from start to finish.
Rainup is part of The Goodd Company
The Goodd Company
Together with an international network of renowned partners, we explore diverse markets and bring together techniques, materials and design. This is how we create products for societal challenges, such as our changing climate.

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designed in amsterdam, made in the netherlands, used globally

Our product is made in the Netherlands from 100% recycled material. It is designed to collect rainwater and use it for various purposes, such as garden irrigation and filling reservoirs. Thanks to its sustainable materials and efficient design, our product is an eco-friendly water storage solution used worldwide.

Rainup office Amsterdam
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