the good thing about water is,we get a lot of it for free.

we're inviting you to

we're inviting you to

think about rainwater


Using tap water to irrigate the greenery around our home is a thing of the past. The changing climate is causing an increase in periods of short-term, very heavy rainfall and longer periods of drought. Therefore, we collect rainwater when it falls and reuse it when we need it. We give rainwater a place in our homes and create (rooftop) gardens that are prepared for the future.

discover the benefits of building with water

With Rainup products and systems we create a pleasant living environment around your home. In doing so, we do everything possible to relieve you during the installation process. Discover the advantages of a self-sustaining (roof) garden and experience how easy it can be!

quick and easy installation

Rainup products and systems are designed with ease of use in mind. They are lightweight and clean, so there is no mess when transporting through your home if necessary. Regular tools will suffice.

100% recycled

Our water storage units are made of high-quality, 100% recycled material. Dispose of residual waste easily in the PMD bin.

Let your garden take care of itself

Never water too much or too little again. Your plants control the right amount of water for optimal development. Water is never again a problem around your home.

Save on drinking water

The water collection system automatically supplies your plantings with rainwater, reducing the time and effort you have to spend manually watering your plants.

home value increase & no risk

A thriving (rooftop) garden with a (rain) water retaining foundation increases the value of your home and reduces the risk of flooding.

we see rainwater in urban areas as an opportunity.

take advantage of rainup

More and more municipalities are encouraging their residents to collect and disconnect rainwater by providing subsidies. This is how we separate clean valuable rainwater from dirty sewage. The rainwater can then be used to water plants or it is drawn into the ground to replenish the groundwater. In this way, we create a pleasant living environment that is prepared for the changing climate.

Garden lawn

water management glossary

Rainwater disconnection, drainage, capillary irrigation, the Urban Heat Island effect, green roofs, blue-green roofs; many terms are related to (rain) water management and nature in the city. To give you some guidance, we have put the most common terms in an overview for you.

making a difference one drop at a time.

We believe in giving back to the community and being conscious of our environment. That is why we are proud to donate 2% of our sales to a project to help spread awareness and knowledge of the importance of rainwater. By educating children playfully about the possibilities of rainwater, we are working towards a resilient future. Join our mission and make a difference, one drop of rainwater at a time.

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