A beautiful, practical garden requires not only a balance of paving and greenery, but also the resources that keep your garden healthy, such as water. By collecting rain directly where it falls and slowly returning it to the ground or returning it naturally to the plants, watering with tap water becomes unnecessary. From water-storing walkways to patios, planters and borders, we make the best use of rainwater and create a healthy, low-maintenance garden.


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"We started our rainwater adventure with a rain barrel on the downspout, but then you are still responsible for watering your plants yourself. Now our rainwater drain is connected directly to the water-holding foundation and we no longer have to worry about watering our grass at all."



Koudeker aan den Rijn

one m2 blue-green garden equals 100 liters of rainwater

Depending on the system you choose and the composition of products, you decide how many millimeters of water you want to be able to store and what you want to use it for.

Proven technology

Together with market leaders from the water management industry, we develop products for your home

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Starting this summer, download the Rainup app here for exclusive content and up-to-date data on your system

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We donate 2% of every purchase to an education program about the importance of water and our climate

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