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Delve into the world of Rainup's most inspiring projects based on innovative solutions. Here we show how we use creativity and technology to turn challenges into impactful results.

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Water-storing (52 l/m²) green roof | Alphen aan den Rijn

On this shed lies directly on the bitumen the water-storing BlueLay with root-proofing. On the BlueLay comes soil, on which the sedum can be laid, which in this construction at full saturation has a load of about 65 pounds per m2. Within an hour, this gray roof was transformed into a green oasis.

Blue-green carport (80 l/m²) | Etten-Leur

Blue-green roof on carport

Here, a blue-green roof was installed on the entire carport using the Permavoid 85S units and capillary cones. After installation, the owner installed a wide range of organic material such as shells, tree bark and fungi on the roof to maximize biodiversity.

Water-storing (52 l/m²) green roof with flowers | Alphen aan den Rijn

Water-storing green roof with butterfly and bee mix

On this barn, the water-storing BlueLay with root-repelling effect is laid directly on the bitumen. On the BlueLay the substrate is laid, on which the sedum is rolled out. In this case, a bag of butterfly and bee mix was also sown, which gives a beautiful oasis of flowers after a few weeks. In this build-up, the water-storing green roof has a load of about 65 pounds per sq. ft. at full saturation. This shed was constructed within an hour and requires minimal maintenance.

Blue-green-yellow roof (80 l/m²)

A water retaining foundation was installed over the entire surface on this 40m² roof. With the Permalock connection, fencing and/or solar panels can easily be attached. In this case, the entire surface is planted with plants, which are supplied with water through the capillary structure, causing evaporation and cooling. The efficiency of the solar panels is optimized, the roof is protected and a green oasis with biodiversity can be admired from the house.

Water-storing (52 l/m²) green roof with soil moisture sensor

When installing 17 water-storing green roofs in a courtyard in Alphen aan den Rijn, we installed the Rainup soil moisture sensor on 1 of the roofs, allowing us to measure the effect of these green roofs.

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Water-storing blue-green garden (80 l/m²) | Oegstgeest

Water-storing garden with capillary construction

In this garden, a water-storing foundation was constructed using the Rainup capillary system. Cisterns under the foundation collect rainwater as it falls and return it to the plants and gezon when they request it.

Water-storing blue-green patio garden (100 l/m²) | Alphen aan den Rijn

Water retaining foundation with decking, paving and planting

The first garden where we installed professional market applications at a home. In this garden, a water retaining foundation of Permavoid 85S units was laid over the entire area. A terrace with decking was laid on the foundation at the home, with the hardwood planed boards easily mounted to the system with PermaLocks.

Water-storing blue-green garden (100 l/m²) | Leidschendam

Water-holding terrace with capillary action

In this backyard, 20 m² of Permavoid was installed, then special tiles were laid on the foundation that easily allow water to pass through. Beneath the landscaping, the Permavoid system is capillary constructed so that water is easily returned to the plants when they request it.

Water-storing backyard (100 l/m²) | Koudekerk aan den Rijn

Capture rainwater from roof into foundation

In this garden, 30 m2 of Permavoid 85S capillary was installed. After installation, grass was sown, which now still looks very healthy after 2 growing seasons. The rainwater from the roof of the house is also connected to the water retaining foundation, so no rainwater is drained into the sewer system.

Cooling playground garden (27 l/m²) | Alphen aan den Rijn

Cool grass that makes you smile

In this garden there is 10 m2 of cooling artificial grass. Under the artificial grass is the BlueLay 23mm shockpad, after which a layer of infill sand was sprinkled and then the artificial grass with open backing was placed. On summer days regular artificial grass can get hotter than 60 degrees, with this system the artificial grass never gets too hot again.

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Water-storing blue-green border (200 l/m²) | Alphen aan den Rijn

Rich border with hydrangeas‍.

Permavoid 85S units with capillary cones have been placed along the entire length of this border. The rain pipe is connected to the system so that rainwater from the roof is no longer discharged into the sewer but is used for plant nutrition. Every growing year the hydrangeas become fuller and larger, a beautiful sight.

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Water-storing front yard (80 l/m²) | Hoog-Hexel

Water-storing front yard with capillary system

In this front yard, several water-storing plant beds were constructed with the Permavoid 85S. The front yard towards the road was sloping, the units were laid in terrace style, making the garden from the house level, thus optimizing rainwater collection and storage in the units.

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Cooling artificial grass balcony (100l/m²) | Alphen aan den Rijn

Cooling artificial turf, never again too hot for humans and animals

From black bitumen heat surface to a nice place to be outside. The main desire of these residents was to be able to use the living level above their extension and be outside with the children. In addition, they now overlook a green, cozy space from the living room, instead of a black bitumen roof surface.

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Blue-green vegetable garden bin (80 l/m²) | Alphen aan den Rijn

Modular blue-green vegetable garden box

In this trough are both below and above a Permavoid 85s Ultra Light unit. There is a small overflow at the bottom, which allows excess water to slowly infiltrate into the border.

Portable blue-green puppy playground (80 l/m²)

On this balcony, we provided a portable playground for their brand-new labradoodle puppy at the client's request. Building on water can be done anywhere and in any size: here is 1 m² of natural grass. Instantly built up and also taken down again!

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