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The possibilities with rainwater on and around your home are endless, which is why we would like to help you get started. Under packages you will find solutions that we have carefully put together for you. Get inspired and build on water!

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If clean rainwater is ideally suited for watering the garden, why has rainwater been drained into the sewer system for years and not stored so that it can be used when the greenery in your garden demands it? We thought so, too. Meet our Rainup products and give water a place in your home.

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one m2 blue-green garden equals 100 liters of rainwater

Depending on the system you choose and the composition of products, you decide how many millimeters of water you want to be able to store and what you want to use it for.

save your rainwater
now, with Rainup

Proven technology

Together with market leaders from the water management industry, we develop products for your home

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Download the Rainup app here soon for exclusive content and up-to-date data on your system

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By jointly choosing to build water storage, you are making a big difference together

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